Poynting MiMo-1 5 in 1 4.5 dBi Omni MiMo antenne met LTE, WiFi en GPS

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Poynting-MIMO-1_front-view-icmt antennes-1Poynting-MIMO-1_front-view-icmt antennes-1Poynting MIMO-1 - Middle-view-icmt-antenneas-6Poynting MIMO-1 - Left-icmt-antennes-5Poynting MIMO-1 - Right-Middle-Left-icmt-antennas-3Poynting MIMO-1 - Side View-icmt-antennes-2Poynting-A-MIMO-0001_Rev AFront_top_view-icmt-antennes-4Truck_Poynting Mimo-1 ApplicationTruck_with_signal_Poynting Mimo-1 Application
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  •  5 in  futureproof high performance antenne
  •  Multi band 698-960/ 1710-2700 MHz
  •  2 x MiMo Wi-Fi dual band
  •  2 x MiMo LTE
  •  Robuuste antenne
  •  Vandaal -en water bestendig
  •  Verbeterde stabiliteit


The Poynting MIMO-1 incorporates 5 antennas in a single rugged low profile antenna housing made of Halogen Free ABS. Two LTE/4G/3G antenna elements will  cover all cellular bands and also achieves MIMO data speed increase because the two antennas provide space and pattern diversity.


The Poynting MIMO-1 incorporate two dual band Wi-Fi antennas which provide high speeddata transfer at both 2.4 and 5GHz and you will have full MIMO at your disposal. The fifth antenna is a high performance active GPS/GLONASS module operating down to -40 degrees.

The Poynting MIMO-1  antenna exceeds the performance of most competitors due to the care of attention to radiation patterns of all radiaton elements.

Due to extensive design and development Poynting has created an excellent compromise between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity and perfect radiation at low horizontal angles.

Main applications for the MiMo-1 are industrial vehicles, M2M and other IoT using a range of radio technologies.